Manx Utilities encourage and support the use of electric vehicles to reduce the Island's carbon footprint. We therefore offer an electric vehicle charging tariff to assist these customers.

The electric vehicle charging tariff is available to domestic customers who wish to charge their own electric vehicle, for their personal use.

The electric vehicle charging tariff will be effective from the date we install the metering equipment. Your quarterly bill will consist of units consumed from your meter at the standard domestic tariff rate and units consumed at the off-peak electric vehicle charging rate. View our current tariff rates and information on how to apply.

If you would like to apply for our electric vehicle tariff please complete our Network Enquiry Form.

If you would like more details contact us on (01624) 687687, during our office hours.

If you would like more information on where our electric vehicle charging points in the Isle of Man are located, they can be found along with other UK charging points at, or

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