water safety life ringWe want everyone to stay safe and enjoy their time at our reservoirs. Activities which occur on foot (such as walking, running, shore fishing and dog walking) are the activities which we consider represent an acceptable risk to water quality, safety and the reservoir structures.

We don't allow anyone, including pets, to swim in our reservoirs.

Please see our Recreational Use page for further information.

The dangers of reservoir water

Reservoirs are really dangerous places and have lots of dangers hidden under the surface.

Stay well clear of the water's edge at all times. The edges have little or no protection from falling into the water and are often unstable. When visiting a reservoir, always go with a friend if you can.

There are three main reservoir dangers;

Strong currents

Reservoirs can have strong underwater currents caused by pipes and active pumping machinery that you can’t see. The water may look calm but under the surface it can be a very different story.

Cold water 

Reservoirs are very deep and the water doesn’t flow like it does in rivers or the sea. This means that water temperatures are always extremely cold and can take your breath away, leading to panic and drowning. 

Time (lack of)

If you or a friend are drowning and somebody calls 999, the time it takes to arrive at the reservoir means it could already be too late. Without specialist equipment, you could put yourself at even more risk by trying to help. 

Stay safe around our reservoirs; keep out of the water and don't take any unnecessary risks.