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About smart meters

Smart meters will replace our current network of electricity meters. They use a dedicated low-power communications network to send us automatic meter readings that reflect the exact energy you use.

A booklet on smart metering was delivered to every Island household and business in April 2021. A copy of it can be found here.


Why smart meters?

It can help you manage your energy consumption

Smart meters can help you monitor and control your energy consumption through the use of our SmarterLiving app. This will help provide a better understanding of your energy usage and will allow you to make changes should you wish.

We can upgrade your meter

Our new smart meters will replace our outdated meters, the types of which are no longer manufactured, making them harder to maintain in the event of a fault and has made it impossible to replace like for like.

Our new smart meter rollout represents an essential investment in our network. It aims to benefit residents through improved resilience and performance of our energy infrastructure. In the longer term, it will also support the Isle of Man Government’s drive towards cleaner, greener, more sustainable energy for our Island.


We can provide the most reliable and accurate billing

Manx Utilities has a legal obligation to provide reliable and accurate consumption billing. Our new smart meters will use a dedicated low-power communications network to send us automatic meter readings that reflect the exact energy you use, meaning that manual readings and estimated bills will be a thing of the past.

To better manage our electricity supply and demand

Smart meters help to create a smarter energy system, which will allow us to better match supply with demand and consider how best to integrate more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in the future. It will also allow the potential introduction of tariffs for cheaper off-peak electricity and electric vehicle charging.

What can smart meters do?

It can show your energy use in near-real time

You will be able to keep track of your energy usage in pounds and pence, or in Kilowatts/hour if you prefer, which means you will be able to better understand and manage your energy consumption.  

Automatic readings

Smart meters are self-reading and will automatically send us the details of your energy usage, removing the need for manual readings and putting an end to estimated bills.

They can detect faults and send automatic alerts to us

It will enable Manx Utilities to provide quicker responses to outages and greatly reducing the time for investigation and repair works.

Ability to switch from prepayment to credit

If you are a SmarterPAYG customer we will have the ability to switch you to a credit customer without us having to visit your property and vice versa.

Can smart meters be harmful to health?

No. Our smart metering system does not pose a risk to public health.

No high power communications

  • Our system does not use 5G or any other high power microwave-based telecommunications technology.
  • The technology is similar to 3G in terms of data transfer but operates at a fraction of the power
  • We will be transmitting data using the 2.4GHz licence-free carrier frequency band


Smart meters undertake rigorous testing to ensure safety

  • Smart meters are one of the safest pieces of technology in our homes. They are rigorously tested and far exceed every British, EU and world safety standard.
  • Smart meters’ radio emissions are typically one million times lower than international health guideline levels according to Dr Azadeh Peyman, principal radiation protection scientist at Public Health England (PHE), the UK Government watchdog on public health – myth-busting smart meter problems.

High-quality scientific research

The Isle of Mans Public Health Directorate has confirmed that there are no ill-health effects posed by this technology. The public health guidance is a rich source of information on electromagnetic field (EMF) and robust peer-reviewed blue-ribbon scientific information. We strongly recommend you include this as a starting point in any independent research you might be undertaking.

Please see a full database of all scientific research data on EMF, which allows you to search for details of more than 28,000 publications covering individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Science-Based Medicine is a non-profit project run by volunteer medical professionals, with a mission to influence public health policies through high-quality science. 'Are smart meters a health risk?` is an article published by its founder and executive editor Steven Novella, an academic clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine.