Safety Information for Scaffolders

The erection of scaffolding too close to live electricity conductors can place you, your staff and the public at serious risk of potentially fatal personal injury.

There are electricity overhead lines criss-crossing the Isle of Man's countryside, towns and villages. Often unnoticed they are essential to provide our every day electricity requirements. These overhead lines can carry voltages ranging from 230 volts domestic supply to 33,000 volts.

Even domestic voltages can be fatal and high voltage electricity can jump gaps making it extremely dangerous.

In the UK each year approximately five people are killed and many more seriously injured due to accidental contact with overhead power lines. It is therefore important that trades that work near or around overhead power lines have a clear understanding of the associated risks and precautions that are required.

Download Scaffold Safety a basic guide to maximise your chances of remaining safe when working or planning scaffolding activities, near or around overhead electricity lines.

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