Manx Utilities, as part of its environmental policy, are forever striving to reduce the impact our business has on the environment. To this end, we are continually investing in new wastewater treatment facilities and improvements to the transferring networks moving the wastewater around our island.

Most businesses communicate with a public sewer in some way. Trade Effluent is any liquid which is disposed of into the public sewer which is produced in the course of any trade or industry carried out at your premises, but does not include domestic sewage.

If we know what is going into our sewers in the form of trade effluent, it helps us to:-

  • protect the Environment,
  • ensure the safety of our staff and the general public,
  • optimise the performance of our assets.

All businesses that discharge Trade Effluent have an obligation under the Sewerage Act 1999 to have a Trade Effluent Discharge Consent in place. To allow Manx Utilities, and your business, to remain legally compliant, we need to update our Trade Effluent database.

In order to keep our assets operating at optimum performance, we need to know what is being put into our sewers, to this end; we are now in a position to improve our Trade Effluent database.

This is a database of businesses that discharge waste into the public sewer system. We need to know what is being put into the sewers to allow us to keep our assets operating effectively and efficiently, thus avoiding blockages, which cause nuisance to all customers affected and, if surcharging, may causes an environmental pollution incident.

It also allows us to ensure the safety of our staff whilst carrying out the necessary maintenance to our assets, and that the sewage treatment we carry out is as effective as it can be, meaning the water returned to the environment is as clean as possible.

Look at our frequently asked questions for more information.

We need to know a little about your business to allow us to issue you with a ‘Trade Effluent Discharge Consent’. As long as the discharge does not contain any substances detrimental to our activities, then this is a simple procedure.

Complete the Industrial or Commercial form and return to us detailing the information needed to allow us to issue you with a discharge consent.

Please complete as much of the form as possible with the aid of the attached notes, if you need more advice, please get in touch

If you require more information please see our frequently asked questions.