In October 2022, Tynwald voted to support the Climate Action Plan 2022–2027, which commits Manx Utilities to decarbonising the existing power system by 2030.  Our Transition Programme is set up outside of the business as usual functions, with our team tasked with the delivery of this important climate target; and the steps necessary to support continued secure, economic and efficient electricity supplies to our customers.

The high level plans include: the commissioning of up to 10MW of solar panels deployed across public estate (including both buildings and car parks) and the deployment of at least 20MW of onshore wind powered generation by 2026; a programme of network strengthening where necessary; a review of dispatchable clean fuel generation solutions with black-start capability, and the deployment of a new subsea interconnector by 2030.

Manx Utilities presented a high level overview of these future energy plans at the Isle of Man Government Conference in September 2023.

Our Island Plan

The Chief Minister provided an update on the progress of the renewable projects in July 2023.

"The formal objectives given to Manx Utilities by the Government, as outlined in the Island Plan, serve as a vital means to accomplish our net zero targets and create an environment we can be proud of"

Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan MHK

Frequently Asked Questions


The Roadmap shows the necessary actions to achieve the 100% electricity decarbonisation target set by Tynwald in the Climate Plan 2022–2027. In the current GB - Isle of Man Regulatory framework and given the current limitations of both GB and Isle of Man power systems, the actions identified between now and 2030, represent what is achievable within the next seven years.

Beyond 2030, there are a number of possible routes which could all play a part in the future of the Island’s electricity supply, including routes which enable export to other jurisdictions. These options are not presently technically or commercially viable, though we recognise that improvements and innovation in technology may occur over the next few years. All possible options remain open at this point in time. The actions are expanded upon further in our Future Energy Delivery Strategy.

Manx Utilities’ approach ensures that we proceed down the path of least-regret and avoid ruling out any alternative technologies in the future. It also enables a programme of network upgrades to be carried out which support the wider energy transition including decarbonisation of heating and transport to align with any additional Government targets in the future.

The following document provides detail on the work which has been completed to date to support the Transition Programme.

Engineering consultants, WSP, were appointed in March 2022 to carry out a review of the Manx Utilities Future Generation Strategy and detailed network and commercial study to identify the limitations of the power system. This work was an extension of the work carried out in 2021 by the Isle of Man Government; the purpose was to validate some of the original outcomes and carry out more detailed network and commercial studies than had been completed previously.

The following services were included in the scope of work:

WSP were supported by a cross-functional working group from Manx Utilities Networks, Generation, Trading and Transition teams. The more ambitious 2030 decarbonisation target outlined in the Climate Plan 2022–2027 was incorporated into the project as it progressed.

A second study was also used to validate WSP's future demand against the Isle of Man Government’s Renewable Heat Scenarios project.

Future Energy Delivery Strategy