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Manx Utilities complaints procedure

Definition of a complaint

For the purpose of this procedure the standard definition of a complaint as outlined by the IoM Government is defined and coded as follows

(C1)  A complaint concerning a decision where there is no independent appeal mechanism.

(C2)  A complaint concerning any failure to make a decision.

(C3)  A complaint concerning a failure of service which is not corrected or is not corrected within reasonable timescale.

(C4)  A complaint concerning the failure of administrative arrangements or an over-restrictive or narrow interpretation of such arrangements.​                   

(C5)  A complaint concerning the application of inappropriate or unfair remedies.

(C6)  A complaint concerning a breach of confidentiality.

(C7)  Any other substantial complaint not falling within any of the foregoing definitions. 

How your complaint is processed

  • When a complaint is received it is immediately assigned to the appropriate business area Senior Manager for logging and investigation.  Furthermore the complaint is independently monitored outside of the business area concerned.
  • An Official Complaints form is available upon request.
  • The Senior Manager will immediately acknowledge receipt of the complaint and a point of contact will be issued to the complainant for ease of communication.
  • We strive to satisfy complaints within 10 working days of the registration of the complaint.  Where a longer period of time is required in order to satisfy the complaint, the complainant will be kept fully aware on a regular basis of developments and is able to deal directly with their point of contact if so required.
  • Should you feel unsatisfied with the progress of your complaint you should notify your point of contact or alternatively request to speak with the business area Director and finally the Chief Executive, in this order of seniority.
  • In signing off the complaint the Director/Chief Executive will ascertain whether any working practices need to be changed in order to avoid reoccurrence of the complaint raised.  You may be contacted within 4 weeks after the complaint has been signed off to assess customer satisfaction

Tynwald Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman)

Should your complaint not be answered to your satisfaction and on the basis that the full formal complaint process has been exhausted a complainant has the right to make a complaint to the Ombudsman for consideration.  If such a complaint is to be made, it must be made in writing (including by e-mail as set out below) within 6 months of a final determination by Manx Utilities.

The Ombudsman may be contacted by letter sent to —

The Tynwald Commissioner for Administration

Legislative Buildings



or by e-mail to: Ombudsman@parliament.org.im

Further information about the Ombudsman may be found at http://www.tynwald.org.im/about/TCA/Pages/default.aspx