You may not notice them, but most streets are likely to have a fire hydrant. They are found under covers, a bit like a drain.

Fire hydrants are critical resources used by the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service in emergencies. Manx Utilities are responsible for installing hydrants in suitable locations and maintaining them. We also operate hydrants routinely to help manage and maintain the water network.

Authorisation to use a hydrant

If you wish to use a hydrant please contact us on 687687 for further information. Hydrants should not be operated by anyone other than the Fire Service and Manx Utilities without our authorisation.

Hydrant misuse and vandalism

Illegally accessing our mains water pipes through hydrants to take water without our permission is a criminal offence under the Fire Services Act 1984.

Hydrant misuse can damage the hydrant, break our mains pipework and put water supplies at risk during an emergency. It can also cause water quality and supply issues, including:

  • water discolouration
  • pressure reduction
  • loss of supply
  • contamination

Please contact us on 687687 if:

  • you wish to use a hydrant. We will give you further advice and guidance.
  • you think someone is using a hydrant illegally. We will investigate.