Hosepipe ban lifted

Tuesday 06 September 2022 10:52

Manx Utilities has announced that the Hosepipe Ban restriction implemented on 29 July 2022 will be lifted from 7am on Wednesday 7 September 2022.


Wednesday 24 August 2022 07:50

There will be no changes to electricity tariffs until 31 March 2023 following a direction from the Council of Ministers. This means that electricity tariffs, which are 22% below the current UK OFGEM price cap, will remain at 1 July 2022 prices.

Island Water Restrictions - Hosepipe Ban

Tuesday 26 July 2022 12:24

Manx Utilities are introducing a temporary use ban (Hosepipe Ban) from 29 July 2022 following an extremely dry period and an increase in usage over recent weeks, despite a campaign to encourage Island residents to ‘use water wisely’.

Water Main replacement – Glencrutchery Road

Friday 17 June 2022 14:30

Manx Utilities are updating the water mains located under Glencrutchery Road which will necessitate traffic lights being utilised for some periods over the next 8 weeks. 

Use Water Wisely | Make Every Drop Count

Monday 23 May 2022 10:39

As has become the norm, the Island is experiencing much drier weather as we enter the warmer months of the year and Manx Utilities is asking residents and visitors to use water wisely.

Regional Sewage Treatment Delivery

Wednesday 04 May 2022 15:16

The final phase of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy (RSTS2) will move forward on the basis of regional treatment solutions for Garff and Peel; to deliver the best solution in terms of cost and quality to complete modern day sewage treatment for the Isle of Man.

Grenaby water main replacement

Monday 11 April 2022 12:13

Manx Utilities is progressing with the replacement of approximately 10km of water main from Ballakew, St Marks to Ballaglonney, Grenaby as part of its investment strategy to upgrade water mains on the Island; and helping to preserve water supplies by eliminating leaks and bursts on its network.