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Our plans

Manx Utilities is introducing smart electricity metering island-wide. All meters (nearly 50,000) will be replaced with smart meters within the next four years. This roll-out is a significant investment in the island’s electricity network for the benefit of the residents and the resilience of the infrastructure. It futureproofs our network and will provide a number of short- and long-term benefits, not least the capability to integrate widespread microgeneration and renewable sources of electricity generation on an industrial scale.

This short video will introduce you to smart meters and why they will be great for our customers and for our island.

The installations

Our dedicated installers will be replacing all existing meters for domestic and business customers, starting with key meters. This will be done free of charge and with the minimum of disruption. Where required, we may have to undertake a pre-installation survey.



Please watch this short video, which will explain what will happen when it is time for your new meter to be installed.