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Understanding your electricity

Energy can be a concerning topic for many people, which is why we believe that it is important for our customers to get a better understanding of their energy usage. We feel that the best place to start is by getting to know what you get for a unit of electricity used.

The leaflet here will provide you with further information on how much electricity you use and may help you adopt cost-saving habits.

Should you require more information why not arrange a chat with our Home Energy Officer for a more in-depth service which is free of charge (to our domestic customers) and tailored to your own energy needs.


Make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills

Below are some helpful tips that could help you reduce the energy you consume at home. These easy-to-follow tips may sound like common knowledge but they make small changes that count. After all, we are all responsible for the energy we use in our homes, so we need to make sure that we are making the most of it. 

Further energy-saving tips can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website


Use a washing up bowl


Turn down your thermostat


Turn off your lights


Make sure your dishwasher is full


Cover your pans when cooking


Just boil what you need


Knock one minute off your shower


Choose your laptop


Choose a dryer with an A+++ rating


Wash your laundry at 30°C


Change your lightbulbs to LED ones


Stop leaving your devices on standby mode


Reduce the amount of water you use in the bath