Published On: Thursday 10 September 2015 18:05

We are currently working with Peel Town Commissioners, the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture and other agencies to rectify a small leak which was discovered on an access hatch chamber on the Peel sewage outfall pipe, downstream of the Groyne below the low tide level on Peel Beach.

The outfall pipe itself, which has been in place for decades, has been previously inspected by CCTV camera and sonar surveys, and is in good condition, however, a leak was identified at an access hatch chamber which was notified to DEFA and the Commissioners. Since that time, bathing water quality samples have been taken to provide the Commissioners with the information they require to keep the public informed and make any decisions regarding access to the Beach. In the meantime, we would reiterate DEFA’s advice that members of the public should exercise caution in the area.

Peel beach frequently achieves a ‘good’ standard of bathing water quality; however the leakage has now reduced this to “poor”.

Chairman, Alfred Cannan MHK said, “We acknowledge there is concern with the quality of bathing water at Peel Beach, particularly in the area of the ‘Groyne’ and as a result specialist Divers will be assessing the situation on Monday, which is the first available opportunity this team are available. We remain committed to correcting this issue as soon as we possibly can. In the longer term, the second phase of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy will see Peel sewage treated and screened to modern standards.”

We will continue to keep people informed as and when further information becomes available.

The circled area on the map shows the main affected area: