Yes we are able to send your bill to an alternative address. This request must be made by the account holder.  Please send an email instruction to or write to our Customer Services Team, Manx Utilities, PO Box 177, IM99 1PS

Firstly, check that the Mains Switch and RCD (trip switch) have not been placed in the ‘off’ position.

We will require a completed Application for Supply Form, and payment of our £40 reconnection fee prior to reinstating the supply. Contact our Customer Services Team on 687675 for further assistance. 

No, we are unable to recommend any electrical contractors, however always ensure that they are either Government Approved, Registered members of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) or National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC).

There are a number of checks that you can carry out yourself;

Is the reading estimated?

If our meter readers were unable to gain access to the property and you did not respond to the card that was left, then we will estimate your bill, based on your previous consumption pattern.

Is the bill over a longer period than normal?

Sometimes the length of the billing period will be longer or shorter than others. The amount of days the billing period covers will be printed on your electricity account.

Is there an outstanding amount from your previous bill?

An outstanding balance from a previous bill will show on your statement. If you have recently made a payment and it does not appear on your statement then please call our Customer Services Team on (01624) 687675.

Are you using more energy?

Your electricity consumption can increase for many reasons; new appliances, broken seals around fridge or freezer doors, an extra person moving in or an extension to your property are just some examples.

If you are worried about how much electricity you are using and would like to know ways of how to reduce your consumption, Tips to Saving Energy.

If you are still concerned that the consumption you are currently using is high, track your consumption pattern by:

  • record the meter readings 3 times a day over a 2 week period, making sure that they are taken at approx the same time of the day.
  • assess what appliances are in use in each room and how often they are being used.
  • once all the above checks have been carried out and the daily log has been recorded, and you still believe the energy consumption is too high, contact our Customer Services Team (01624) 687675
  • we can test our metering equipment for accuracy, it is unusual for any of our equipment to become faulty, however should the meter be found to be recording accurately then there will be charge of £48.00 plus VAT. (99% of tests turn out to be accurate).

If you know the power rating (wattage) of an appliance try the following formula to calculate the units of electricity being used per day:

Now multiply by the days of use in a year against your current tariff to get the yearly cost.