Published On: Wednesday 03 May 2023 14:51

Manx Utilities is pleased to announce that the agreement has been completed to purchase land in Peel for the purpose of construction of the new sewage treatment scheme.

The land encompasses the current silt lagoon field that will remain under DOI control, and the three fields in-land of Peel Power Station to the east of the Heritage Trail.  Manx Utilities envisages that only the two fields furthest away from the power station will be required for its works and that access to the site will be via the A27 Glenfaba Road; avoiding the need to take works traffic through the centre of Peel.

Ground investigations are now complete with the data being analysed to inform the design ahead of submitting a planning application for the works later in the year.

Chair, Tim Crookall MHK said, “There has been a great deal of work undertaken in the background to get us to this point in the scheme.  I am delighted we can now move on to the delivery of first-time modern sewage treatment for Peel.”