Published On: Tuesday 06 September 2022 10:52

Manx Utilities has announced that the Hosepipe Ban restriction implemented on 29 July 2022 will be lifted from 7am on Wednesday 7 September 2022.

Island raw water stocks are now at 73%, which remains 9% below average for the time of year.  Reservoir levels have recovered sufficiently following the recent heavy rainfall and this has restored our confidence in water stock availability as we move into the autumn and winter periods.

In addition to removing the ban, the small reduction in compensation water provided to rivers from Sulby reservoir was returned to normal flow levels in two steps on Monday 5 September and Tuesday 6 September.

The hosepipe ban was implemented following two dry months: June and July which saw a 50% below average rainfall for the Island and hot temperatures further reducing stocks due to evaporation.  Manx Utilities was the first water utility company in the British Isles to introduce a hosepipe ban which has provided extra resilience this summer.  Some UK water companies brought in bans later and they might potentially see the restrictions remaining in force into early 2023 due to the severity of the drought.

Chairman for Manx Utilities, Rob Callister MHK said, “I appreciate hosepipe bans are not popular, however the law is there to enable Manx Utilities to put one in place to protect our precious raw water stocks when it is deemed necessary and this has been the case after what has been a very dry summer season.  The team will continue to monitor stock levels and as ever we would encourage the public to continue to use water wisely both to protect the natural environment and be aware that reduced consumption also reduces the amount of energy we consume as an Island community.