Published On: Thursday 20 October 2022 10:54

Manx Utilities are replacing the water main located on Regaby West Road commencing 7 November 2022 with final completion due in June 2023.  This work programme is part of the organisation’s commitment to upgrade water mains that are prone to a high frequency of bursts. 

The current water main was installed in the 1940s and is now in need of replacement to avoid disruption to supplies and inconvenience caused by burst repair work.  The new modern main is of a larger capacity which will provide customers with improved flow and pressure.

The main supplies water to all the Regaby West Road, Ardonan Lane, Ballayockey and Bayr Ny Harrey and is 2,800 metres in length.

Excavations will be required across the junction of the Bayr Ny Harrey Road, Regaby Crossroads and Kerroogarroo Junction and therefore temporary traffic lights may be put in place.  A road closure approval is in place which allows a short section of road to be closed to allow pipe installation before moving to the next section, i.e. a rolling closure.  Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Access will be maintained for landowners, tenants and occupiers from either side of the working corridor – this will change periodically so signs will be erected advising how far access is possible on both sides of the scheme.

Diversions around the scheme will be via the Andreas Road, or the St Judes to Andreas Road and then via the Bayr Ny Harrey Road. Diversion signs will be used to direct traffic around the work as required.

Manx Utilities is appreciative of road users’ understanding whilst this critical infrastructure is upgraded.