Published On: Monday 23 May 2022 10:39

As has become the norm, the Island is experiencing much drier weather as we enter the warmer months of the year and Manx Utilities is asking residents and visitors to use water wisely.

Every one of us can make a difference in conserving drinking water supplies by making small changes to daily routines which can reduce energy bills whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Manx Utilities constantly monitors the Island’s raw water stocks working with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture due to the water supplied from reservoirs to the Island’s rivers, which has to be managed carefully.  The Meteorological Office share predicted weather trends which are passed on to Water Companies.  This year’s latest outlook for April to June is indicating warmer temperatures and near normal rainfall. 

Chairman, Rob Callister MHK said, “Our Island water stocks are exposed to the same climate change challenges as many other locations across the UK, however, the Island is different in that the only stocks we have are our own.  Naturally as the weather becomes warmer, consumer demand increases, however we would hope that consumers do think about using water wisely.  Manx Utilities has a dedicated leakage team who monitor hundreds of pressure and flow points throughout the the water distribution network for changes, which enables a quick reaction to leakage issues and resulted in an 18% reduction in the last 12 months.  Manx Utilities continues to drive forward its plans for water main replacement on ageing frequent burst water mains.”

It is important for us all to make smarter water choices such as recycling used water, taking less time in the shower, fixing leaky loos, or simply turning off the tap when brushing our teeth.  Any proactive measures or behavioural changes all contribute in protecting our Island’s precious drinking water and potentially reducing energy bills.”

On average, one person will use 150 litres of water per day which is almost twice the amount utilised in the early 1960’s.  We treat the access to our water supply as a given – a dripping tap can use 5,500 litres in a year.  Turning your tap off whilst cleaning your teeth can save 4,500 litres a year.


More information and tips for smarter water use can be found at visit  If you would like some help or advice or simply wish to share your water saving success you can tag Manx Utilities on social media.