Published On: Friday 17 September 2021 16:03

Representatives of Manx Utilities met with the Commissioners of Garff and Peel this week to provide an update on the work that has been carried out to progress sewage treatment for the remaining Island catchments to complete the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy.


Meetings were held with Garff Commissioners on 15 September and with Peel Town Commissioners on 16 September where Manx Utilities provided an outline of the site review and selection process currently underway for both the Garff and Peel & Glen Faba catchment areas.  Each involves the reassessment of all previously identified locations and also those newly proposed by the Call-for-Sites conducted earlier in the year.  The assessment process consistently applied across both projects  considers the adequacy of the land area available, the land use zoning, the proximity of residential areas, landscape and visual impact considerations, the ecological and environmental impact (which will include carbon footprint calculations),  location elevation and the requirements for any intermediate pumping stations needed for the location or process proposed.

The site review and selection process will form part of the planning applications process to demonstrate the level of detail in the selection method.  It is anticipated that new applications will be submitted in the early part of 2022 following further public consultations.  Construction activities would commence once approval have been achieved and likely take at least 18 months to complete  Manx Utilities have committed to the Commissioners to consider operational mitigations which may help in the meantime.

Adrian Dobbins, Executive Director for Manx Utilities said, “We thank the Commissioners for their valuable time, allowing us to discuss progress and to engage in useful debate.  Delivering these schemes remains a priority for Manx Utilities and seeking local views and keeping community representatives informed is an important part in the process.”