Published On: Wednesday 22 September 2021 16:59

Manx Utilities have announced the addition of the first Electric Vehicle (EV) public rapid charging point as part of its ‘pay-for-use’ charging network due for installation on 29 September 2021.

The unit will conveniently be located at the Sea Terminal to accommodate residents, businesses and visitors; and brings the current potential Island offering for EV public charge points to 47.

The new rapid charge point is capable of providing 100 miles of range for a 30 minute charge based on 4 miles per kWh at a cost of 25p per kWh (approx. 7p per mile) which is competitive with UK pricing and less than petrol or diesel fuel alternatives.

Douglas Promenade residents, businesses and visitors will also be able to access a further 30 charge points as they come online in the coming months due to the investment made in the capital’s regeneration scheme.

Manx Utilities works closely with the Department of Infrastructure to monitor demand and ensure the European standard of 1 charging point for every 10 EVs is maintained; estimated to be up to 30 charge points per annum at current levels of Island demand.  The utility provides an EV commercial tariff incentive for businesses to support their workforce EV charging needs and domestic customers who wish to charge at home with a dedicated charge point can also benefit from cheaper electricity at night as part of their EV tariff.

Chief Executive, Phil King said, “It is important that we continue to expand the EV public charging network for the Island to ensure it is fit for the future and supports Government’s climate change action plan to net zero emissions.  Manx Utilities is proactively working with a variety of stakeholders including businesses, domestic consumers, Government fleet services, the disability employment service, Departments and Local Authorities. This extensive engagement has allowed Manx Utilities to identify key sites where civil works are planned to allow shared excavations for future network installations.”

Mr King went on to say, “We are aware EV users have voiced concerns of their inability to access public charging bays when most needed and therefore parking orders will be put in place which includes signage, bay painting and enforcement of parking restrictions regarding time limits for use, to ensure all users can access charging in a fair way. 

Overall, we are seeing a steady growth of EV take-up on the Isle of Man with a saving of over 27,000kg (45,734kg to date) of CO2 recorded last year and so already improving the air quality of our Island environment by providing a total mileage based on 4 miles p/kWh to date of over 325,000 miles.  Evidence shows that EV drivers are typically commuting to the workplace and retail outlets and charging at these destinations prior to travelling home.  Manx Utilities would welcome any enquiries from recreational or hospitality sites that benefit the Island community, for consideration in the future.  We already have installations agreed with Tynwald Mills, Jurby Medical Centre and an increase at Port St Mary Town Hall in addition to having some proactive conversations with several other organisations looking to provide charging locations for EV users.”