Published On: Wednesday 10 March 2021 14:52

Manx Utilities has announced a call for sites in the southern Garff, Laxey and Onchan areas.



They are seeking suggestions for sites suitable for locating pumping stations between Laxey and Onchan or local treatment works for the handling of the sewage from Laxey and Baldrine. Following the establishment in November last year of the Garff Regional Sewerage Treatment Consultative Group which involves the local MHKs Martyn Perkins and Daphne Caine, two Garff Commissioners and representatives from local interest group Best for Laxey Bay, the Call For Sites has been refined and explains the options being considered in more detail.

Chairman, Hon Tim Baker MHK said:  “Having assessed the feedback from our previous applications in Peel and Garff we remain committed to moving forward in providing solutions that will bring an end to the disposal of raw sewage in both catchments.  The ‘call for sites’ process for Garff will ensure that we have explored all possible site options available, in order to provide the best possible solution for the community.”

Please click on link for more information   Call for Sites