Published On: Wednesday 21 July 2021 13:48

Manx Utilities has invested £3 million to complete the upgrade of the 1950s sewerage treatment works in Ballaugh.

The new modern works has been designed to treat waste water in the village to a standard specified by DEFA and in consideration of the adjacent watercourse. The old works has been removed, modern treatment plant installed and the site landscaped so that once matured the new works will blend into its surroundings and operate unnoticed by the local community.  The treatment units are safer to operate and are similar to those installed for the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy and include odour control.

Chairman Tim Baker said, “With the Island targeting improved water quality the Board approved the updating of the works to meet the increased load from development over the last 50 years and to ensure the stringent requirements of DEFA standards are met.  I am pleased that the area is now able to treat waste water in a modern and environmentally acceptable way and that Manx Utilities’ continued investment programme is delivering benefits to both the local environment and the residents of Ballaugh.”