Published On: Thursday 02 December 2021 15:44

Manx Utilities have been helping support electricity utilities in Cumbria to restore much needed electricity supplies following the devastation caused by Storm Arwen following a call for help from the electricity consortium group (NEWSAC).


Two Overhead Line crews and an Engineer left the Island last weekend on the overnight ferry and set to work immediately, following induction protocols allowing them to work on the local power network. 

The Manx Utilities’ team have been working through the night and for long hours in difficult conditions to restore power to many homes that have been off supply since Storm Arwen hit on Friday 26 November.  Restoration has also included telecoms infrastructure to reinstate essential communication lines, also taken down by the storm.

Following the deployment of teams a further appeal was made by NEWSAC for generators, which resulted in 6 units being transported overnight to Cumbria on Tuesday 28 November.

Chair of Manx Utilities, Rob Callister MHK said, “I am extremely proud of the quick response provided by the Manx Utilities team and their work in extremely difficult conditions, to support those devastated by Storm Arwen.  I am aware our teams have been given some of the more difficult restoration tasks involved, due to their expertise and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.  I thank them for their efforts and wish them a safe trip home for some much deserved rest.”

The remaining two Overhead Line crews and Engineer are due back to the Island on Sunday 5 December whilst the generators will remain in situ until returned by Electricity North West when supplies are fully restored to the area.