Published On: Monday 26 April 2021 09:00

Manx Utilities has announced a second call for sites, this time in the Peel, St John’s and the Central Valley areas.

They are seeking suggestions for sites suitable primarily for a local sewage treatment works serving Peel and possibly also St John’s. Sites for locating pumping stations between Peel and Douglas in the Central Valley are also being sought but would only be needed if a local solution could not be found, or in the unlikely event that this option was more cost effective than local treatment.

This is part of a full re-appraisal of options for the Peel area, which will include investigations into the viability of pumping into the established IRIS scheme at Meary Veg. Land owners and those with a controlling interest in lands are invited to contact Manx Utilities to express their interest. 

Chairman, Hon Tim Baker MHK said:  “This is a further example of Manx Utilities seeking to ensure we have fully considered how best to resolve the Island’s remaining sewage treatment issues. We remain committed to providing a solution that will bring an end to the disposal of raw sewage into Peel Bay.  The ‘call for sites’ process is now being utilised in Peel, as we have in Garff, and will ensure that we have explored all potential site options to enable us to deliver on our promises as soon as possible.”

Peel call for sites