Published On: Friday 16 April 2021 11:23

Manx Utilities has confirmed its electricity, water and sewerage charges that apply from 1 April 2021

Manx Utilities undertakes an annual pricing review and the report from this review is available on, ensuring the price-setting process is transparent and consistent with its overall published pricing strategy.

The pricing review in summary announced:

  • No changes to standing charges and unit rates charged for electricity, water and sewerage, in accordance with Manx Utilities’ pricing strategy.
  • Electricity charges for most domestic users and commercial users remain at 16.9 pence per unit.
  • The standing charges remain at 20.2 pence per day for both domestic and commercial customers.
  • Tariffs for industrial customers will also remain unchanged.
  • The unit rate paid for surplus private electricity generation sold by customers to Manx Utilities will reduce by 1.0 pence per kWh to 8.2 pence per kWh from April 2021; a further 1.0 pence per kWh reduction is proposed from April 2022.
  • The water rate will remain at 238.1 pence in the pound.
  • The sewerage rate will remain at 217.4 pence in the pound.
  • The discount for non-domestic water and sewerage customers will reduce from 40% to 35%.
  • There will be no increase in charges for septic tank emptying.

As part of Manx Utilities’ pricing strategy review in 2018, Economic Consulting Associates recommended that the amount Manx Utilities pays customers for surplus private generation should be reduced to 4.7 pence per kWh to better reflect the cost of this tariff.  The previous unit rate was intended to assist customers considering installing small scale-private generation.  The increased number of customers adopting this tariff, the larger size of generation being installed and the reduced costs of private generation mean it is now appropriate for the tariff to be gradually brought closer to the previously recommended amount.  This will also ensure generation being installed more closely matches a customer’s own electricity requirements.

In October 2018 Manx Utilities presented a 5-year pricing strategy to Tynwald.  This strategy provides customers with information as to how Manx Utilities sets its charges.  Manx Utilities has confirmed that there will be no increase to our main charges in the coming year.  In relation to sustainable generation tariff changes the utility confirmed that it was important to ensure tariffs are sustainable and adapt to changes to ensure that customer groups, including those on low incomes are not subsidising customers who have been able to install their own private generation.

Manx Utilities is committed to both ensuring charges are fair for all customers and also supporting the Government’s climate action plan.  Our engineers are currently assisting with the Cabinet Office’s work to plan for the future of electricity generation and supply to ensure the island’s emission targets are met.  We are looking forward to implementing proposals agreed by the Government arising from the climate action plan, ensuring Manx Utilities supports appropriate initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.