Published On: Thursday 05 November 2020 12:28

Manx Utilities are asking dog walkers to be considerate of reservoirs following an increase of dog waste not being picked up by pet owners. Failing to pick up dog waste spoils the environment for the majority of visitors and is hazardous to staff.

The reservoir locations are very popular places to visit and, whilst most users are considerate and do comply with our request to pick up after their dogs, the disrespect of these locations by a few really is unfair for the many.  Members of the Manx Utilities team who are responsible for maintaining the sites are also working in unpleasant and avoidable conditions; which do have health and safety implications. 

Drainage from pathways and grassed areas run into water which is used for our public water supply and reservoir boundary areas are cleared to provide a good environment for visitors. This work also allows for essential inspections and maintenance of dam structures and facilities around the reservoirs. 

It is more important than ever that our Island provides safe locations that we can all enjoy.  It would be regrettable to have to close these locations off to dog walkers and their pets, however, to protect it for the many there will be no option other than to implement a ban for dogs if the situation does not immediately improve.