Published On: Wednesday 08 July 2020 15:53

Manx Utilities has announced that the Hosepipe Ban has been lifted with immediate effect.

The ban was implemented after an extremely dry and hot spell was experienced taking the Island into a Hydrological Drought situation.  The ground conditions were extremely dry and so the small amounts of rainfall being received on the reservoirs’ catchments were providing very little useful top-up for the reservoirs.  This, coupled with an increase in water use due to the warm conditions and the evaporation factor, forced Manx Utilities to implement the ban.  This decision was not taken lightly in view of the forward weather forecast and was necessary as water is our most critical resource and there are no suitable alternative supplies.

In June the position moved in that 110mm of rain benefited the reservoir stocks, particularly during the weekend of 27-28 June 2020.  This amount of rain is approximately double the average for the time of year. 

Chairman for Manx Utilities, Minister Tim Baker MHK said, “I am pleased to say that our reservoir stocks have recovered sufficiently following the recent heavy rainfall experienced on the Island and local efforts to reduce demand. We have now increased the compensation flows we provide to the rivers from our reservoirs and with immediate effect the temporary use ban has been lifted for domestic properties. I know many people will be pleased to see this restriction removed but I also know the majority understand the importance of having access to essential clean drinking water that supports our daily way of life. We will continue to monitor daily levels of stock and consumption and would still encourage the public to use water wisely throughout the summer months in particular.”