Published On: Monday 17 August 2020 13:16

Manx Utilities have announced that they will be laying a new water main and sewers on East Quay, Peel commencing 7 September into the New Year

Whilst the work is undertaken to upgrade the infrastructure, the route will be closed to through-traffic although each end of the 60m working area will be accessible. This working area will move south along the Quay as work progresses. There will be space at each end for cars and vans to turn and it will be possible for pedestrians to walk through the work area.  The quayside will be accessible for marine operations.

Following extensive local consultations with businesses, Manx Utilities is sending out a letter to all Peel residents during the course of this week to explain the necessity for the work and how various sections along East Quay will be closed.

Chairman of Manx Utilities, Minister Tim Baker said, “We have been working closely with all of the businesses along the route over the past few months to minimise the impact of the works in addition to contacting Commissioners and MHKs to plan the activity. We look forward to welcoming residents to a drop-in session at the Peel Centenary Centre on Thursday 27 August from 5pm to 7.30pm to review the pipe-laying plans.”

East Quay Peel Pipe‐Laying Times