Published On: Friday 08 February 2019 15:01

Manx Utilities has announced that it will decommission the diesel generator engines currently installed at Ramsey Power Station in Gardner’s Lane, following a third-party analysis of the high voltage electricity network supply to Ramsey and the North of the Island.


The engines and generators installed in Ramsey have not been operated in recent years and are now 50 years old. The recent analysis on the security of supply for Ramsey and the North indicated an extremely low probability of failure owing to the excellent asset conditions and also the configuration of the network, which is specific to the Island and allows electricity to be back-fed from a secondary route should the initial distribution source be interrupted. 

The exhaust stacks will be dismantled in early 2019 with the diesel engines and fuel storage tanks removed thereafter. The site will remain an operational Manx Utilities site with high voltage electrical equipment providing essential power distribution for the North, in addition to ensuring the availability of an alternative power generation location for the future. 

Manx Utilities’ Chairman and MHK for Ramsey, Dr Alex Allinson commented, “Careful consideration and risk profiling has enabled the Board to proceed with the Ramsey Power Station decommissioning programme. The network is resilient and reliable, enabling us to dispose of the plant which has served Ramsey well since the early 1980’s. This change clearly demonstrates Manx Utilities’ commitment to reduce carbon emissions as outlined in the IoM Government’s ‘Responsible Island’ policy.”