Published On: Tuesday 20 August 2019 07:59

Manx Utilities has announced a major investment in a new metering system, the first stage of which will be to replace ageing key meters with new smart meters which can be topped up online and over the counter to ensure full accessibility. The first installation of these meters will commence in 2020.

The roll-out of smart meters for all customers on the Isle of Man is part of a major infrastructure programme to improve customer services and which will help create a Smart Grid for the future. Lessons have been learnt from similar schemes in the UK and Europe, and Manx Utilities are partnering with major international suppliers to provide a modern replacement for older meters which are due to be replaced as they come to the end of their useful life.

In support of IOM Government’s commitment to tackling climate change, Manx Utilities is working with the Climate Change Transformation Team to decarbonise the Island. Smart meters will help to bring the Island’s energy system up to date; they will facilitate the development of the Smart Grid, which will enable Manx Utilities to match all sources of energy supply to demand and in turn reduce waste and increase efficiency. The Smart Grid will ultimately provide Manx Utilities with the tools to offer customers a choice of tariffs to suit their own specific energy requirements, in addition to improving response times in the event of an electricity fault and introducing the capability to provide real-time use data.

Dr Alex Allinson, Chairman of Manx Utilities, said, “Smart meters are digital devices which will communicate between a customer’s home or business and Manx Utilities through a low-power and secure wireless communication network.”

Dr Alex Allinson went on to say, “Smart meter deployment is far more than an equipment change: it will enable a progressive shift in how customers are able to consume energy and how they view their relationship with Manx Utilities. Smart meters will allow for greater integration of renewable energy sources – such as solar panels and wind turbines – helping the Isle of Man move towards a lower-carbon economy with smart technology, in turn facilitating the increasing number of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources that customers are choosing for their homes. Smart meters will give customers the tools to help them understand their energy use, empowering them to manage their energy in a way that suits their lifestyle.”