Published On: Tuesday 03 November 2015 09:14

Clean seas for the north Construction of the regional Sewage Treatment Works (STW) at Balladoole, Ramsey has now commenced.

This £6M scheme will provide first-time sewage treatment for Ramsey via a new pipeline and pumping station to be constructed at the Vollan fields in Ramsey; and for Andreas via a refurbished pumping station and a new transmission pipeline.


The existing outfall located North of Mooragh Promenade will discharge the treated effluent from Balladoole STW, whilst the Smeale sewage outfall in Andreas, dating back to the 1940’s will be taken out of service.


Chairman, Alf Cannan MHK said, “This is great news for residents of the North who will no longer have raw sewage being discharged into the sea at Smeale and Ramsey and will have huge benefits for the beaches and the marine environment.”