Published On: Thursday 03 July 2014 14:13

On 2 July 2014 a substation in Castletown was identified as being deliberately vandalised by individuals who were lucky to escape with their lives.

Following a system alert on Manx Utilities power network, Engineers attended the substation at the rear of Ocean Ford in Castletown where they discovered exposed 11,000 volt equipment which had been intentionally damaged. The substation warnings of “Danger of Death” had been completely ignored and the perimeter fencing had been cut to allow individuals access.

Director of Network Services, Adrian Dobbins said, “Our Engineers are specifically trained to work in with the equipment housed in these locations. The damage undertaken at this particular location leaves us extremely concerned that individuals are failing to respect the very clear ‘Danger of Death’ warning signs which are clearly visible at all our electrical installations and designed to protect life. We are working with colleagues in Education and IoM Constabulary to help provide further safety education and would additionally make a general plea to the public to make children aware of avoiding these sites, particularly as we move towards the summer holidays”.

If anyone is able to provide any information regarding the damage to the substation in Castletown could they please contact Castletown Police Station on 822222.