Published On: Tuesday 21 January 2014 00:00

At the sitting of Tynwald today, the proposal to merge the Manx Electricity Authority (MEA) with the Water & Sewerage Authority (WSA) was approved. As a result both Authorities will cease to exist on 1 April 2014 and a new entity will be formed – “Manx Utilities Authority”.

MEA Chairman, Howard Quayle MHK said, “Both Boards and senior management teams have been working together with the Department of Infrastructure, Business Change Steering Group, Treasury and other Government departments to ensure that the merger will be undertaken in the most effective and measured way ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum. All those involved in this work are fully committed to the process. An integration plan has been developed which the MEA Board is confident can be delivered, and we are giving our utmost consideration to ensure that there is no disruption to customers and are confident that this merger will bring about the best possible solution going forward to serve the Island with essential services.

WSA Chairman, John Houghton MHK said, “I acknowledge that whilst there are separate operational functions of Water, Sewerage and Electricity, there are indeed common systems and services which apply across all activities where savings can be made. The merger will secure the MEA debt position for the benefit of the Island’s economic development and the community as a whole.”

Both Chairmen have made a commitment to both workforces to keep teams fully informed during the process, as they remain critical to ensuring a successful integration and realising many of the identified savings. Both Boards would like to thank all staff for their continued support.

Editor’s Note: Mr Houghton MHK is Chairman of WSA and Vice-Chair of MEA