Phase 1 – Completed 2018/19


The Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy (RSTS) Phase 1 programme was approved by Tynwald in April 2011 and allowed the steady progression of design, construction and commissioning of the new plant taking into account the differing timescales for planning approval, design and construction at each location.

The work programme also maximised the use of on-Island contractors.  

This followed a review in 2006/7 to review the best way forwards to deal with the sewage produced by the remaining towns and villages not covered up to that point by IRIS. It concluded that given the advances in sewage treatment technology and increase in energy costs it would be more cost effective and sustainable to move to a regional treatment approach.

RSTS phase 1 has now been completed within the budget authorised by Tynwald and has brought up to date modern IRBC (Integrated Rotating Biological Contactor) sewage treatment facilities to:

  • Booilushag
  • Bride
  • Corony
  • Dalby
  • Glen Maye
  • Glen Mona
  • Jurby
  • Kirk Michael
  • Maughold
  • Patrick

It has also provided effective treatment for the first time to the catchments of:

  • Port Lewaigue
  • Andreas (pumped to the Ramsey works at Balladoole)
  • Ramsey

Ramsey is now the largest IRBC treatment works in the Isle of Man and during its construction was the largest excavation seen in the Island for over 20 years. As part of that project a new pumping station and storage tank was also constructed on the Mooragh Promenade at the Vollan in Ramsey, allowing the buried infrastructure installed by the Ramsey Town Commissioners in 1888 to be satisfactorily decommissioned after almost 130 years continuous use.

         Balladoole, Ramsey

IRBC covered enclosures


Fitting one of eight IRBC rotors

Balladoole Construction   


Vollan pumping station - Effluent from Ramsey is now pumped up to the works at Balladoole, where once treated it returns under gravity to the Vollan to be discharged at the original sea outfall.

The new Vollan Pumping Station