We provide a range of high bandwidth Ethernet, SDH and DWDM solutions over a fibre optic cable, which is buried under the seabed alongside the UK - IOM interconnector.

The cable connects us to the UK/Europe backbone using a leading UK carrier.

An independently owned subsea cable enables us to select the most competitive onward connectivity in the UK.

  • connecting to a leading UK/European carrier
  • carrier class technology and end-to-end resilient paths
  • dedicated team offering 24/7 support
  • a Manx Utilities (MU) company
  • island wide fibre network for local tail circuits

About e-llan Communications

e-llan Communications Limited (e-llan) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manx Utilities (MU), the Isle of Man’s electricity supplier. The company was created in order to leverage the commercial potential of the spare fibre optic capacity in the UK-IOM interconnector cable. e-llan began commercial operations in December 2007 and provides telecommunications services to internet businesses and IOM internet service providers on a wholesale basis.

By linking into the UK/Europe network using a leading carrier, e-llan offers a range of connectivity solutions to the UK and beyond. e-llan also utilises an extensive fibre network which interconnects MU substations around the Isle of Man, to provide fibre tails for off-Island bandwidth customers.

e-llan's entry into the wholesale market has further secured the Island's telecommunications infrastructure. The management of robust, resilient networks is a key skill of e-llan's parent company MU. The culture and ethics of this business have allowed a strong network management regime to be forged at e-llan.

The Isle of Man is a very attractive location in which to do business and provides significant competitive advantage for eBusiness companies and data centres. 

Electricity Generating Capacity

e-llan's parent company, Manx Utilities is a statutory board of the Isle of Man Government.

MU has responsibility for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity on the island and also exports electricity to the UK grid as required.

Part of MU’s role is to ensure that it can meet the future Island demand for electricity in order to support economic growth.

Due to MU’s foresight any development projects on the Isle of Man will not be limited by the lack of electrical power.

MU and e-llan are ideal partners to the Island’s data centres as even the largest hosting solutions can be supported by the swift provision of power and bandwidth. 

e-llan Communications Ltd are:


e-llan Communications Ltd

Manx Utilities Head Office

Ballacottier Business Park

Cooil Road


Post Code: IM2 2QZ
Telephone: + 44 (0) 1624 687844
Fax: + 44 (0) 1624 687612
Email Address: ellansales.mu@manxutilities.im