Please let us know if we need to make changes to your personal information to ensure it is accurate and up to date.  When you are no longer liable for our services, for example due to moving house or there is a change to the individuals who are jointly liable with you, it is your responsibility to keep us informed of this.  In some circumstances we may request that you confirm specific details on a regular basis; for example annually for our Priority Care Customers. 

We will only retain your information for as long as it is needed and this will depend upon the type of information we are holding, the format and the purpose for which we use it.

We will keep your information for the period of time you hold a customer account with us, or we supply services to you. We will not keep your personal information for any longer than necessary to fulfil our service provider obligations to you or to meet our legal requirements.

Images captured by CCTV will not be kept for longer than necessary. However, on occasions there may be a need to keep images for longer, for example where a crime is being investigated

Below is an extract of our Retention Schedule and in general where it relates specifically to customer or public information. Should you require further information please contact the Data Protection Officer:

Topic and types of information

Retention periods

(in general)

Customer account details – applications of service.

(This will include changes to single or joint accounts)

10 years ** after application

Customer payment records

(Not Direct Debit mandate forms)

Until end of current Financial year, then plus 6 years **

Customer formal complaints  

(From conclusion or resolution)

10 years **

SMART meter data; energy consumption at 30-minute periods of supply, and other operational alerts.

Individually identifiable data for 13 months

Operational and statistical data will be anonymised if retained longer

Priority Customer Care service

(Annual application period)


Within 3 months of annual review

(Note: Unless application/consent is withdrawn then immediately; within reasonable business processing)

CCTV – all locations

maximum 31 days

Recorded Telephone Calls

12 months

Selected tariff assessed meters

maximum of 6 months

**We will retain your information for a short time (up to 6 months) beyond the specified retention period, to allow for information to be reviewed and any deletion to take place. In some instances, laws may require us to hold certain information for specific periods other than those listed above.

The Isle of Man Public Record Office holds selected records of Isle of Man public authorities that are of long-term historic and cultural value, for permanent preservation. Access to and the use of records at the Isle of Man Public Record Office is governed by legislation under the Public Records Act 1999 - more information on retention is available from the Public Record Office