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Because a smart meter can help you control your individual energy use, the island-wide roll-out of smart meters is helping to make the Isle of Man’s energy system greener, cleaner, more efficient and sustainable.



Smart meters will replace outdated meters, which are no longer manufactured, so cannot be replaced ‘like with like’. They use a dedicated low-power communications network to send us automatic meter readings that reflect the exact energy you use, meaning you can wave goodbye to manual meter readings and estimated bills.

Our starting point is the increasingly unreliable key meter system. Feedback indicates that customers will welcome the modernisation. You will begin to see references to 'SmarterPAYG', which is the name for the replacement system. Subsequently, all other meters in homes and businesses will be replaced with modern, reliable smart meters.

Manx Utilities has a legal obligation to provide reliable and accurate consumption billing; smart meters will also help customers to understand their own energy usage and allow them to make changes should they wish. The meters support IOM government’s climate mitigation strategy, as they will help the island move to a more efficient energy system, helping us as a system operator to balance power demands, and allowing tariffs for cheaper off-peak electricity, electric vehicle charging etc.

In the UK there are many competing electricity providers, and the UK government has struggled to harmonise the smart meter roll-out; conversely, the Isle of Man smart metering programme is designed entirely for island customers and prioritises health, safety, security and reliability.

Smart meters help to create a smart energy system, which will allow us to better match supply with demand, and consider how best to integrate more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the system in future. 


As the island’s electricity provider, we are able to tailor our smart metering programme to benefit the Isle of Man, and Manx Utilities' smart meters are designed to support our health, safety and security priorities for both customers and employees.