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From the moment your smart meter is installed, you will be helping to reduce our carbon emissions as an island, even without making changes at home to use less energy. This is because smart meters are the foundation of a smarter energy system. With the information they offer, they will help us better integrate renewable power, such as wind, solar and hydro power, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

  These next generation meters can be remotely read, as well as remotely instructed and reconfigured - for instance, if you are a credit customer, you can switch to SmarterPAYG without our having to visit your property.

  They can show in near-real time the amount of energy being used and the cost of that energy to you, the customer.

  They could help you identify the most electricity-thirsty appliances in your home and offer you the potential to better manage your energy consumption.

  Smart meters are self-reading and will automatically send to us the details of your energy usage, removing the need for manual readings and putting an end to estimated bills.

  They can detect faults and anomalies and send automatic alerts and alarms to us, avoiding delays and the need for customers to report outages or the majority of issues.

  They will monitor their own performance and environment - for example, they will report if they have an internal memory problem or if the terminal cover is removed.

  They are one of the safest pieces of technology in our home; smart meters are rigorously tested and pose no health or safety risks. You can read more here.

  Data is transmitted securely over a private network owned and used by Manx Utilities only.