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Our smart metering system does not pose a risk to public health


  Our system will not use 5G or any other high power microwave-based telecommunications


  The technology is similar to 3G in terms of data transfer, but operates at a fraction of the power


  We will be transmitting data using the 2.4GHz licence-free carrier frequency band


  Smart meters are one of the safest pieces of technology in our home: they are rigorously tested and far exceed every British, EU and world safety standard; please see the linked articles and guidance notes 


  Smart meters’ radio emissions are typically one million times lower than international health guideline levels according to Dr Azadeh Peyman, principal radiation protection scientist at Public Health England (PHE), the UK Government watchdog on public health - myth busting smart meter problems



  The IOM Public Health Directorate has confirmed that there are no ill health effects of the proposed communication technology. The public health guidance is a rich source of information on EMF and of linked robust peer-reviewed blue-ribbon scientific information - we strongly recommend you include this as a starting point in any independent research you might be undertaking


  Please see a full database of all scientific research data on EMF, which allows you to search details of more than 28,000 publications covering individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields


  Science-Based Medicine is a non-profit project run by volunteer medical professionals, with a mission to influence public health policies through high quality science. 'Are smart meters a health risk?' is an article published by its founder and executive editor Steven Novella, academic clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine