Designed with security in mind, smart meters will operate on a private secure wireless network owned and operated by Manx Utilities. All proposed sub-systems also feature security by design.

Smart meter data broadly falls into three categories.

1. Consumption (electricity usage) information

  • for billing
  • to comply with our reporting obligations
  • to deal with queries and complaints

2a. Operational (alerts and alarms) data

  • to detect anomalies and to monitor statutory compliance
  • to identify fraud or theft

2b. Operational (instrumentation) data

  • to allow us to maintain and improve the electricity network and perform our duties
  • to help us build a better understanding of energy use and how it compares to similar properties and households
  • to enable us to offer customers more ways of managing energy use and saving money
  • to help us prioritise work on the network, connect properties to it more easily and lead to improvement of services
  • to plan and optimise investment

3. Anonymised data

Anonymised data is operational data, aggregated by a large enough factor so that individual consumers may no longer be identified through it. Once anonymised, data ceases to be personal.

Smart meters record more information than standard meters. They will store that information in blocks of thirty minutes. Manx Utilities will collect records of consumption data:

  • Daily (default – your meter will be set at this option): daily reading of the consumption data recorded on the meter
  • On-demand (opt-in for credit plans, default for PAYG and non-standard off-peak tariff plans): half-hourly readings of consumption data records so we may manage credit balances

Operational data records will be read instantaneously when required.

For billing and reporting purposes, as well as for dealing with queries and complaints, consumption data will be retained for up to seven years after the end of the service agreement with you.

Operational data will be held for up to 13 months after it has been read. However, we will aim to anonymise it sooner by aggregating it with other consumers’ data so you may no longer be identified through it.

None of your personal data will be passed to third parties for marketing purposes.

We may share your personal data with third parties in certain circumstances, for example:

  • So we may comply with any legal obligation
  • On limited occasions, in order to apply our terms and conditions of supply
  • To protect the rights, property or safety of Manx Utilities, our customers or others, or
  • If we engage consultants, contractors or academic institutions, but only to the extent they require to perform their duties

You have certain rights in respect of your data, of which the right to access is only one. Amongst others, are the right to be informed about the personal information we collect and the rights to request portability, correction or erasure of your data. For more information, please check our data privacy policy which you may find at