Smart metering will change the way we all think about energy. Smart meters record consumption data in real time and are self-reading.

  • Meters will automatically send details of energy usage and make estimated bills a thing of the past.
  • As a consumer, you will be able to track electricity usage and adopt energy- and cost-saving habits.
  • Smart meters and smart grid can enable greener energy and the wider adoption of microgeneration – electricity generation on a domestic or small scale.
  • In conjunction with public engagement, they can be used to create customer-centric flexible tariffs and incentives.
  • They will send information about faults enabling swift response to outages and greatly reducing the time for investigation and repair works.
  • The meter installation will give Manx Utilities an opportunity to do a detailed visual safety inspection of every property on the island and complete or recommend remedial work where there are safety concerns. (In the last two years the UK roll-out has identified over 600,000 unsafe installations which had the potential to be life-threatening and might not have been picked up if it were not for smart meter installers.)
  • Smart meter data could provide the means to better support vulnerable members of society. For example, tech companies are looking into smart meter technology for possible non-intrusive monitoring solutions for customers with various health conditions – e.g. dementia or mental-health patients.
  • For prepay customers, payment will become easy and more convenient.