Published On: Tuesday 01 November 2022 15:08

Manx Utilities has now installed over 2,500 smart meters as the process of upgrading its domestic metering infrastructure to smart meters continues across the Island.

The first phase of the rollout involves Manx Utilities’ 8,000 prepayment customers being switched to a Pay As You Go system called ‘SmarterPAYG’ and having their ‘key’ electricity meter replaced with a smart meter.  These customers can download Manx Utilities’ Smarter Living app to use in conjunction with their new meter to both top up their credit to cover their electricity usage, and to gain near real-time information on their energy consumption.

Tim Johnston MHK, Chair, Manx Utilities, said:

‘While the rollout is still at a relatively early stage, we have been pleased with the excellent take-up of the Smarter Living app by prepayment customers.  To date, around 80% of prepayment customers who have had a smart meter installed in their property are using the Smarter Living app to top up their credit.  As well as enabling them to top up their credit quickly and easily the app also supports the energy efficiency measures being undertaken by householders by giving them enhanced information to help with their management of spend on electricity.  This can definitely help the Island’s drive towards lower emissions.’

Manx Utilities’ website provides a range of information advising customers on understanding their energy usage and the cost of using certain electrical appliances.  This can be found at

Smart meters are currently being installed for prepayment customers in Ramsey, following which the key meters of our prepayment customers in Onchan and Douglas will be upgraded.  It is anticipated that all prepayment customers will have had their key meter upgraded with a smart meter by spring 2023.