Published On: Thursday 17 December 2020 09:24

Following the recent Independent Inspector’s recommendation that Manx Utilities’ planning application is rejected for the sewage treatment works at Glenfaba, Manx Utilities has confirmed that regional sewage treatment continues to be the strategy for the remaining Island locations of Garff and Peel as agreed by the Board and Tynwald.

Chairman of Manx Utilities, Tim Baker MHK said, “Whilst we are obviously disappointed with the Planning Inspector’s conclusions, we will take the opportunity to reflect on the findings of the report in detail, provide further information if appropriate and consider the feasibility and costs of potentially newly available alternative sites.  It is important to ensure we deliver the most sustainable, value for money solution which minimises the local environmental impact whilst meeting Tynwald objectives.  Recognising the reasons for the Inspector’s conclusions, the possible emergence of previously unavailable sites, and the evidence submitted by interested parties at the hearing particularly in relation to tree and habitat loss, Manx Utilities has taken the decision to withdraw its current application.  However we remain determined to bring forward solutions which will bring to an end the disposal of raw sewage into both Peel and Laxey bays.”

A sewage treatment works for Peel remains an integral part of Manx Utilities’ Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy. The Utility is committed to the delivery of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy and Consultants will now be appointed to work alongside Manx Utilities to undertake the required studies ahead of submitting a further planning application in the future.

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