Manx Utilities ("MU") wishes to explore the market, to identify interest from experienced
suppliers to provide a Low Voltage Modelling Software Replacement.

MU use Low Voltage network modelling software to analyse existing electricity networks and
design new networks and connections. The current application that we use for this service is
called WinDebut, Version 3.1.5. This software is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Responding to this Prior Information Notice
Interested parties are invited to submit a brief summary of their experience, capability and
proposed solution which should cover:

 Building the Network;
 Editing the Network;
 Studies;
 Outputs;
 IT and Data Requirements.

Interested parties may be invited to present their proposals to MU.

By responding to this request it must be understood that, at this stage, MU are only exploring
options, no commitment is intended or implied and this request may or may not progress
through to a competitive tender exercise. An invitation to tender may follow this Request for
Information, but MU is not under any obligation to issue invitations to responders to this

Further information
Please be aware that neither MU, Procurement nor any other part of the Isle of Man
Government, or any other organisation assisting MU with the procurement process, will accept
any liability or any charges for expenses or losses incurred by any interested party as a result
of responding to this enquiry.

In order to participate in this Request for Information, your organisation must be registered
on the Isle of Man Government’s Procurement Portal. If you have not previously registered,
please visit and select ‘Register’ from the menu on
the right hand side of the Home Page.

Once you have registered your organisation you should select this exercise from the list of
‘Current Tenders’ and ‘View Details’ then click ‘Express Interest’ at the bottom of the page.
Once you have clicked on 'Express Interest' a 'Form of Acknowledgement' tab will appear. This
tab will provide a copy of the 'Appeals Procedure' to be downloaded. In order to progress to
the next stage of the process you will need to 'Opt-In', complete the 'Form of Acknowledgment'
questionnaire, upload your RFI Response document and click ‘Submit Return’ before the
deadline as detailed below.

Should you have any difficulty in using the website or registering your interest in this way, please contact

Expressions of interest and RFI Response documents must be submitted through the above Portal by Monday 28th November 2022.